12.20.09 8 years ago

In a move that I assume is only news because it means women are allowed to drive in the Confederacy, Indy Racer Danica Patrick had her first stock car draft practice yesterday.  BEEP BEEP!

She and 59 other drivers did stuff like drive next to each other, drive in front of each other, drive in packs, turn left, turn left again, and probably drink beer and shoot empty oil cans in the pit area with their rifles.

Crew Chief Tony Eury Jr. had this to say about her first day:

She’s doing really good. Drafting is not something that you learn overnight. She has done really good learning how to stay in a pack, learning what the car does in different aero situations. We’re pretty pleased. I think I need a little more speed in the car just in single car runs. Overall, it has been a good successful day. We’ll come back here tomorrow and let her draft a little bit more and I think we will be game on.Foxsports.com

This morning she gets to drive fast and turn left all by herself, followed by more practice in which they go over things like changing lanes and not running into other cars.  It’s really nice to see that she’s “done really good” in a move to less complicated driving.  She gives me hope for the day when I want to regress to not being able to tie my own shoes and drooling on myself.

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