03.03.07 11 years ago

Apparently, Nick Swisher needed more time to flip through magazines to scout for law-abiding young ladies:

The assumption through the winter was that Nick Swisher would jump between left field and first base throughout this season.

But it appears any time Swisher spends in the outfield is likely to be in right field rather than left based on what manager Bob Geren had to say Thursday. "I'd like to keep Swisher as much as I can to one outfield position because he's going to be bouncing between the outfield and first," Geren said. "So I'd like to keep him in right field."

The Chief has already covered Swisher's dating life, but you can count on your trusty assistant editor for hard-hitting analysis of baseball defensive positioning.  What are the ramifications of placing Swisher in right rather than left?  I could give you a multitude of reasons, but, in order to give you the examination you deserve, rest assured I will fully research this story by scouring every photo article I can find.  -KD

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