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Former Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd has dated more soccer players than I can possibly keep track of or care about, and the latest news is that she is now dating Jamie O’Hara (the dashing gentleman pictured above), who is at least the third Tottenham Hotspur player to… y’know… **makes bed squeaking noise**

The glamour model was all smiles as she hit three venues in London’s West End hand in hand with her new beau. The pair was seen cosying up together at a bar during their night of partying, which included a trip to Nobu restaurant, the Mayfair Hotel and later the Palm Beach Casino. They left the casino together at 1am.

Keeping track of the incestuous web of attractive rich people boning each other in England is no simple task, but Kickette has managed to diagram it all out.  Me, I was just gonna list all the other soccer players she’s hooked up with, but then I realized, hey. You don’t care.  So instead: on to the lingerie and bikini pictures!  Remember, people toss around the term “skank” pretty loosely (heh), but this is one skank who skanked her way to the top of skankdom.  So please, be respectful.  She’s earned it.

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