02.17.08 10 years ago

Whether you call it 'The Play' or 'The Giant Snatch', David Tyree's miraculous reception at the end of Super Bowl XLII has made him famous. Even at his usual haunts, he is being recognized:

"I'm sort of a creature of habit," he said Thursday. "I go to the I-Hop and places where they know me as a person. It never was a big deal, but now when I'm at the I-Hop I can feel everyone looking my way. It's all new to me."

He'll get used to it. People are always staring at my table when I'm at the local IHOP. It could be because I'm a fine looking fellow, or it could be because I usually have a scantily clad 'sporting girl' in tow. Every once in a while, let's say once a week, I buy them a meal with my credit card for services rendered. Rosie likes the Southwestern omelet with lots of hot sauce, while LaTonya likes a regular Denver with extra pancakes. Different strokes, I guess. Anyway, if Tyree really likes pancakes, I think the ones at Denny's are better. He should go there, oh wait . . . -KD    

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