Depressing Gallery: Cheerleader Fantasies on the Ohio River

06.10.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

Cheerleader calendars are supposed to evoke a sense of excitement and beauty, and unless the horny boy/adult man waiting in line to buy next year’s Colts cheerleader calendars are looking for the excitement of catching catfish in an inner-tube and the beauty of a sort-of-clean mid-America dirt river, they’re going to be extremely disappointed. Somebody decided to drive the girls into the woods and shoot them alongside the Ohio River, using props like drift wood. Yes, drift wood. What’re they gonna do, take a picture of her holding a raccoon? It’s the Ohio River.
Fantasies included in this gallery include (but are not limited to):
– Wading down the Ohio River and seeing a tan, muscular woman in a bathing suit holding some errant wood
– Finding a beautiful woman squatting near a water fountain
– Running into a group of cheerleaders as you’re walking into one of those buildings parks have where you can get the little pamphlets about other parks
– Sex with unrealistic locals
– Watching women do something extremely demeaning to keep a job that is only sort of demeaning
And more! Click through now and enjoy feeling terrible/great for the rest of the weekend.
[photos via the reasonable, hard working people at Busted Coverage]

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