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The affidavit on former NFL running back Travis Henry’s drug trafficking arrest has been released, and it’s far, FAR better than you could have possibly imagined.  Read it here.  It’s basically a ready-made movie script.  All you have to do is fill in the dialog and hire a competent director.

The background info: two men get pulled over for speeding in Montana.  State troopers search the car and find a duffel with three kilograms of cocaine and six pounds of marijuana.  One man, cooperating suspect-1, reveals that they were headed to Billings to sell the drugs to earn back money lost after a robbery ruined a precious transaction.

Henry was the “money guy” and was owed the $40,000 lost in the robbery of Customer 3. As a result, Henry was threatening CS-1 and his family demanding that CS-1 repay the $40,000 lost by Customer 3.  According to CS-1, Henry said CS-1, CS-1’s family, Customer 3, and Customer 3’s family were all “dead” if they did not come up with the money.

In order to avoid being killed by Henry, Mack and CS-1 came up with a plan to rip off Customer 1 by supplying him with one kilogram of real cocaine and two kilograms of “fake” cocaine (drywall).  The $40,000 made from the sale of the two sham kilograms would be used to pay off the $40,000 debt owed to Henry and Mack.

The snitch then helped set up a sting with law enforcement officials:

Law enforcement contacted Henry and Mack in an effort to place them under arrest.  Mack immediately went to the ground and was secured by police.  Henry ran from police and was apprehended a few houses away after a short pursuit.

On the positive side, “a few houses” isn’t anything to scoff at.  In my fantasy league, I get two points per house ran past while evading police.  Bengals went like hot cakes on draft day.

[The Latest Word via Deadspin]

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