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So here's a fun start to the day.  Diego Maradona is one of With Leather's more beloved soccer players, not because he was one of the greatest strikers of all time, but because the man did mountains and mountains of cocaine.  Reader Jerry the Mule (real name) sent in this video, which obviously isn't new, but it's certainly intriguing.  From the YouTube description:

Down 2-0 late in [a 1986 global All-Star game] Maradona scored and assisted to send the game to penalty kicks. The video picks up with the South Korean player from "El Resto del Mundo" missing his kick, giving Maradona the opportunity to score and finish the comeback. Watch what he does immediately after when his "friend" in the aquamarine shirt comes out to get the party started.

If you're stupid and can't read between the lines, Maradona does a line of booger sugar right off his buddy's fist.  Well, probably.  I guess it's possible he just wanted to smell his friend's hand.  "Mmmm, that's lovely.  Drakkar Noir, you say?  It's marvelous.  You're right, that really couldn't wait until after this celebration."

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