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Nets vs. Cavs: it's fantatstic!

Josh Boone had a good game against the Cavaliers last night:

Boone scored a season-high 15 points, foiling the Hack-a-Boone strategy by making just enough when he was twice fouled intentionally in the fourth quarter, and the New Jersey Nets beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 105-97 on Friday night. The reserve forward was 4-for-19 (21 percent) from the line entering the game, but made 2-of-4 down the stretch to help the Nets end a four-game losing streak. "I said something to LeBron like, 'Man, don't disrespect me like that,"' Boone said. "Then again, I am shooting 20 percent from the free throw line on the year. I tried to step up there and made 1-of-2 on both of them."

Congratulations sir, you truly deserve to be called a professional cager for making 50% of your charity shots. The Cavs should have known that the "Hack-a-Boone" strategy wouldn't work because it doesn't rhyme like "Hack-a-Shaq". That's why the Indians never killed Daniel Boone – their war parties couldn't come up with a cool rhyming scheme to shout while dispatching him. "Hey, this white asshole keeps trespassing on our hunting grounds in Kentucky. Who has a death rhyme for 'Boone', so we can kill him. No, I said 'Boone', get your minds out of the gutter!" -KD

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