Don’t Drop The Ball: Be There For Steve Bartman Night

10.03.11 6 years ago

Society loves to keep reminding you of pathetic failures. It’s why Daniel Tosh has so much success with Web Redemptions, why Bill Buckner gets to make fun of himself 25 years later on an episode of “Curb” and why the Kardashians are on every magazine cover. Hell, we’d still be celebrating Merkle’s Boner with Minor League Baseball promotions if “boner” hadn’t turned into something sinister over the last hundred years.

The Dayton Gems are members of the Central Hockey League and good citizens, so they’re holding “Salute to Steve Bartman Night”, a come-as-you’re-glad-you-aren’t event on Oct. 14 at the Cassano’s Italian Ice at Hara Arena to celebrate the poor Cubs fan who jinxed and ruined the team forever by catching a ball meant for the glove of Moises Alou, giving the Cubs a great reason to explain their failures outside of “we’re the Cubs and we always f**k up at baseball”. The details, by way of Sportress, by way of Our Sports Central, by way of Bartman’s shame-nightmares.

In honor of Bartman, and his infamous foul ball grab which arguably set off the biggest professional sports controversy in the past decade, the Dayton Gems will salute him and his rather unfortunate distinction by offering Bartman a free ticket to the game, to be left for him at the Hara box office, to celebrate the eighth anniversary of his notoriety.

In addition, any fans dressed as Steve Bartman, complete with Cubs hat, green turtleneck and wearing headphones, will also receive one free admission to the game. Gems team president Joe Greene spearheaded the idea, noting “while our staff will be dressed like Steve, and there will be baseball and Bartman themed contests and promotions going on throughout the night, we would like to remind our fans to refrain from reaching over the glass for stray pucks.” The team will also offer prizes and special recognition for the best dressed “Bartman” lookalikes in attendance.

So everybody, if you can, do the Bartman.

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