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I don't know why, but any time someone in the sports world gets the business end of a taser, sports blogs are all over the story.  Oh wait, yes I do.  It's because people getting tased is hilarious.

Add Buccaneers safety Donte Nicholson to the tase-ee list.  After Nicholson's roommate, Torrye Robinson, was arrested for scuffling with a security while trying to re-enter a club after closing, Nicholson tried to come to his aid.

Nicholson tried to get up, Bordner said. The deputy was tired from having tussled with Robinson, and in front of him was a 6-foot-2-inch man weighing 260 pounds, Bordner said. When Nicholson refused to stay on the ground, the deputy fired a shot at him with his stun gun, Bordner said.

It didn't faze Nicholson, Bordner said. As Nicholson began to pull the electric probes from his body, the deputy reactivated his Taser, sending another jolt of electricity into Nicholson's body. That subdued Nicholson, who then was arrested, Bordner said.

In a related story, someone at the Tampa Tribune needs to try using synonyms and varying sentence structures, Bordner said.  Otherwise he's going to be working the police blotter the rest of his sorry career, Bordner said.


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