07.23.07 10 years ago 25 Comments

LA Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny attended a benefit for the Nicole Brown Foundation with his girlfriend Eliza Dushku, and for some unexplained reason he wore a plaid hat that matched her dress.  For another unexplained reason she appeared to be enjoying herself when these photos were taken.  Probably because Penny actually showered for once.

I guess this post is kinda the equivalent of all those posts that make women feel self-conscious about not being as skinny or beautiful as Hollywood starlets and models.  Because there sure as hell isn't any point in me being this good-looking and well-dressed if super-hot chicks are gonna date sweaty undergroomed bipeds who may or may not be part bear just because the missing link makes a shitload of money playing a professional sport.

(Thanks a LOT, Kristine) 

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