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Over at the NFL FanHouse, mjd is celebrating the holiday season with a terrific feature called Santa's Lead Blocker, where he highlights offbeat NFL-related gifts available online. The most recent item? This spendiferous jacket that combines Warren Moon fanhood, early '90s fashion, and all the baby blue satin you could possibly want. The specs:

Rare Near new condition Houston Oilers Warren Moon #1 Jacket made by Starline 1991 NFL official Licensed product. Measures 22 inches across the shoulders and 28 inches from shoulder to waist and shoulder to hand.Needs to be cleaned as it has hung in a closet for some time.

Sadly, the bidding for this piece of Americana closed without a single offer. Probably because the minimum bid was $950. 

$950. Even Warren Moon was like, "That's a lot of hookers."

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