Watch This Boxer’s Spectacular Tumble Into The Ropes After A Brutal Punch

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Michael Seals and Edwin Rodriguez

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On Friday night, Michael Seals took on Edwin Rodridguez in what many are calling the most exciting bout of the year. In less than three rounds, there were five spectacular knockdowns, each one more thunderous than the last.

The fight was stopped 24 seconds into the third round after Rodriguez landed an overhand right that sent Seals tumbling into the ropes. Just look at this punch. Look at that fall.

Rodriguez moved to 28-1 with the victory and has a legit shot at WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson. That fight could come as early as spring of 2016. As for Michael Seals, the loss was the first of his career. He complained of a shoulder injury after the bout, something he apparently suffered on one of the many knockdowns.

Via Boxing News:

“Every time I threw my jab it landed, but I dislocated my shoulder in the first round. I had him with my punches. If I had all my tools, there is no way he could have beat me.

“I had him beat in the second round. I know it. I felt like the ref was going to stop it. If he stopped it with me, why didn’t he stop it with him?

Well, um, he stopped the fight because you dramatically tumbled to the canvas. That seems quite obvious, sir.

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