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Here’s the latest from the That’s The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Heard, But It Doesn’t Surprise Me In The Least Since It’s ESPN news desk: the monolith had considered filling Tony Kornheiser’s vacancy at Monday Night Football with America’s F*vorite F*ckup, former Detroit Lions GM Matt Millen.

[ESPN’s executive vice president of content John] Skipper said ESPN brass “talked internally” about recent hire Matt Millen and other candidates but didn’t “interview” anybody but Gruden.

“We’re always looking to make our lineup better. We were talking to Gruden. He was trying to figure out what he was going to do,” Skipper said. “He did very well on the draft for NFL Network. I know sometimes people think we’ve got research and have been doing this for three months. This all happened in the past 10 days.”

I’m curious how this info got out. Deep down, I think this is ESPN’s way of screwing with us. You see? We could have made this so much worse for you! Matt Millen, granted, is much better behind a mic than he was in the front office. Still, and this has been said before, his authority as a football guy is totally shot. What could he possibly add to a telecast now? Is there something that he’d know that 35 million other people wouldn’t? Other than what William Clay Ford looks like inside of a 12-year-old? Enjoy 2009 Lions fans; it’s not every season that you get a guarantee of not doing worse than the year before.


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