10.21.09 8 years ago 17 Comments

ESPN analyst Steve Phillips has been suspended by that network, apparently for banging A 22-year-old production assistant back in July. Phillips, 46, tried to break off his affair with Brooke Hundley, who then harassed Phillips and his family until the former New York Mets GM filed a harassment thingy with police.

The New York Post compares the affair to that movie Fatal Attraction, but there’s one clear difference here, and that is that Glenn Close didn’t look like a supporting character in Where The Wild Things Are. Seriously, Steve? You’re throwing away your marriage on that?! Her? What, does she tell funny jokes or something? Hey, Brooke! Your mom called! She said “MOO!” Aww, that was mean.

Glenn Close? I could see that. Hell, I’d do Glenn Close now. Sure, she’s a bit brittle these days, but least she doesn’t look like she’d chew on the furniture. What’s that? You were looking for real analysis on this? Well, the New York Post and Deadspin are all over this. Go there. Oh, and it looks like Steve and his wife Marni are getting a divorce. I guess Steve’s earlier affair while he was with the Mets didn’t help that cause. But to be totally fair, the Mets screw everybody.

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