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Well, not much to say here. Back when the Saints were in the playoffs, one of their hot fans got on TV with profanity on her shirt. And now she's in Maxim. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Heather Rothstein:

I sit in the same seats, every game, 30-yard line. So the one day I'm wasted and half-undressed, I make it on national television with "Fuck" on my shirt. [laughs] Just insane. Usually I don't get drunk at the games because I need to pay attention to what's going on… before the game I was drinking Red Bull and vodka and pouring Pop Rocks into my mouth, letting it foam out.

But ordinarily she's totally sober. Honest.

I had a really crappy experience in Chicago. People threw eggs, donuts, beer and snowballs at us…  It was the most terrible sports experience I've ever been through.

You know, that's too bad. When I look at her tits and flat stomach, I feel really bad for her. On the other hand, Heather's not worthy to unfasten Sarah Spain's bra strap. Oh God, but if she wanted to try… I'd pay a lot of money to watch that. I smell an Internet-sensation hottie blood feud! But how to settle it? I vote for bikini rodeo pie-fighting

(Thanks to Maxim for being cool about me ripping their pictures. Be sure to see the entire, expansive gallery here. Seriously, it's bonerific.)

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