Fair? The New York Giants Never Heard Of It

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09.20.11 9 Comments

The St. Louis Rams came out firing in the 1st quarter of last night’s Monday Night Football matchup with the New York Giants, and everything looked promising for the young Rams playing without their running back Steven Jackson and receiver Danny Amendola. What looked like a certain touchdown, as the Rams marched into the red zone with their no huddle offense, soon became a terrible display of amateur hour by Giants defenders Jacquian Williams and Deon Grant, who both flopped and faked injuries to stop the clock.

To be fair, Williams and Grant fell to the ground at the same time, and Williams immediately jumped back up once he realized that Grant had sold his ailment with Oscar-winning precision. Then the Giants held the Rams to just a field goal and a strange tempo was set for the rest of the game. Who says that life is fair?

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And check out the game’s other peculiar highlight on the reacharound…

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While trying to regain some momentum, the Rams showed just how important Jackson is to their offense when his replacement, Cadillac Williams, completely whiffed on a lateral screen pass, and then stood there and watched as Giants linebacker Michael Boley scooped it up and took it 65 yards for the score. Then some random dude made the mistake of leaving his face in the ball’s celebratory path.

UPDATE: The face in question belongs to Giants intern Ryan Brown, who has already shared a laugh and a hug with Boley.

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