Fat, Caucasian Cable News Anchor Explains To The World ‘Why Women Aren’t In Charge Of Sports’

06.07.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

We’re still recovering from our trip to Chicago, but for the time being, let’s all point and guffaw at Mark Haines of CNBC. Haines found himself on camera last week with fellow anchor Erin Burnett, who tried to put a positive spin on Armando Gallaraga’s not-quite-perfect game last week and its ensuing aftermath. While her comment may not have been terribly insightful (who said anything about “the money?”), Haines refused to dig her out of the hole.

Burnett argued that the umpire and pitcher’s “graciousness” were so “beautiful” that it made for a “more memorable moment” than a perfect game would have [which is absolutely correct –Ed.].

“See, this is why women aren’t in charge of sports,” Haines shot back. –as seen on Huffpo.

Even after being confronted by a guest on the program, Haines refused to apologize. And why should he? He actually has people talking about CNBC for once. CNBC seems like even more of a trainwreck than NBC right now. Maybe after the markets close each day, Jay Leno can do a show telling jokes about the Dow from six months ago. Anyway, the video’s after the jump.

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