Father Of The Decade Steals Son’s Video Games, Sells Them

08.13.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

More Ohio news today, not far from where I spent more of my developmental years: the bustling metropolis that is Delhi Township. It’s a story that has everything: video games and deadbeat parenting. Okay, so it has two things…

Joseph Phillips then went to a nearby game buy-back store and sold his son’s things for about a 10th of their value, according to the Delhi Police Department.

Phillips, 28, told police that he is addicted to drugs and has a long criminal history in Indiana. The Enquirer confirmed he has been arrested on drug charges three times between 2006 and 2009 in Dearborn County, Ind.

The woman told the police the value of the stolen goods were $1,070. –The Noob Dad, via Destructoid.

Oh, and then the guy failed to show up for court. Awesome. But let’s be fair here, at least the dad got some money for the gear. MY DAD would have just thrown everything in the garbage, and then lectured me about it like he was doing me a favor. That’s why he’ll always be with me forever *stares longingly at the flowerbed in the backyard* Right, daddy?

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