04.15.07 11 years ago

My home town beat out Los Angeles for a chance to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games:

Having won over the USOC despite lacking venues ready for an Olympics, Chicago's task is to persuade the International Olympic Committee that it deserves to be the host, joining a group of bidders expected to include Madrid, Prague, Rome, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo.

Just because we don't have ready-made stadia, don't let that deter you from choosing us, oh grand ISOC.   It's not like Chicago has mismanaged a recent large project by being over budget and years behind schedule.  Oh wait . . .

The controversies surrounding Millennium Park have not disappeared. The original cost estimate of $150 million has more than tripled. A new parking garage, which was supposed to pay for the cost of the park, hasn't produced enough money. There's the matter of a $58 million lawsuit brought by a contractor against the city. The project has been marred by cronyism and secrecy, and completion comes four years late. 

Well, everyone makes mistakes.  There are other things we do well.  Who's got better food than us?  I think it's high time the rest of the world was introduced to the Chicago-style hot dog.  Imagine if you pump that many nitrates into a finely tuned Olympic athlete, we may witness a Mark Spitz type performance.  Mmm, Portillo's, A.J.'s, Bozo's, SuperDawg, etc.  Time to eat! -KD

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