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Nobody seems to be sure whether or not Brett Favre has actually signed with the Minnesota Vikings, but everyone seems pretty sure that, at some point, the deal is gonna go down and Favre will get his two games against his old team. Whether he’s “sticking it” to them or not isn’t something I really care about, but I know that if I had an old boss that was making my life miserable, I’d be eager to return the favor. The best revenge is living well, while working to ruin that other person’s life. I think I read that somewhere.

Anyway, people have been giving Mike Florio at PFT grief for breaking this report two days ago about how someone in Iraq told him that Favre had already signed with the Vikings, but that both parties were sitting on the news.

If accurate, this means that the Vikings have a signed contract that they have yet to submit to the league office. Setting aside for now the question of whether league rules permit such tactics, it puts into perspective recent developments such as Favre’s use of “we” when discussing the matter with [Joe Buck], the visit by a Vikings trainer to Favre to check on his arm, and reports that coach Brad Childress wanted to see Favre participate in some of the offseason workouts.[…]

After hitting a dead end [in trying to confirm the tip, we got in touch with a source who would know the truth. The source explained that no information could be given, adding “I will not deny it either, I will leave it at that.”

Yeah, I want to wipe my shoes off after reading that, too. But now Canadian news outlets (?) are reporting something that make this deal seem to be a foregone conclusion (if it wasn’t already):

The Minnesota Vikings have reportedly reached a deal with Reebok to start producing Brett Favre No. 4 jerseys, suggesting the Vikings are on the verge of signing the veteran. ]The jerseys are not listed on NFLShop.com as of this writing. –Ed.]

Look, Favre is going to play for the Vikings in 2009. It’s going to happen. Florio is now reporting that the Vikings will announce the news on July 3rd, when they expect a dampened media reaction. That’s fine with me. I’ll probably be laying in a ditch somewhere that weekend, dampening my pants from alcohol-induced relaxation.

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