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It wouldn’t be the eve of a new NFL season without more Brett Favre non-news:

Favre said Wednesday he “absolutely” would sit out this season if he’s not healthy enough to suit up as Minnesota’s quarterback. The 39-year-old also said he “may not” be able to play in all 16 regular-season games. via.

Other NFL starters that ‘may not’ play all 16 games this year: Everyone. There’s a rather broad line between acknowledging the potential for injury and deciding to arbitrarily sit out a handful of games a la Roger Clemens. For the record, Favre’s start on Sunday will tie him with Jim Marshall for most consecutive starts in the NFL. Ever. And considering that Favre finished last season on the field despite a sore shoulder, to me it sounds like he’s just aware of what could happen in the upcoming season.

That’s said, he’s still a bit of a douchebag. Favre sucks! But he’s still a Packer…

via. Thanks to Christmas Ape.

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