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But…she looks so…feminine.

If you paid any attention to the Beijing Olympics last year, you realized that (a) Michael Phelps is really, really fast, and (b) the Chinese are kinda goofy in how they handle their information. But gender-identity dilemmas will always get run here, even if the only site reporting it is some UK-based Tumblr-looking site called Ananova:

Xiao Nan, of Chengdu, won more than 40 medals as a women [sic] in student competitions after graduating from high school. But after hospital tests confirmed Xiao’s suspicions that she was really a man she has thrown out all but 10 of them.[…]

Why ten?

[I]nside, she felt confused: “I felt I often had an impulse or desire for women instead of men. And my body is more like a man than a woman.” Xiao had a check-up at a local hospital and the result confirmed she had male chromosomes. He is now living as a man and has begun a course of sex change surgery at Sichuan Xichan Plastic Surgery Hospital which will take nine months.

Male chromosomes? So she had his blood check and they found out he wasn’t a woman? Whatever. I’d believe this story more if she sprouted wings and turned into a dragon. How awesome would that be–transvestite dragons invading China from within. Eh; whatever keeps out the Muslims, I guess.

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