Female Reporter Wants Her Butt Signed

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08.24.11 9 Comments

One of the greatest advantages of the internet is that people are always digging up new, hilarious videos for us to share. The drawback is that we almost always have no clue when and where those videos came from. Case in point – making the rounds today is a delightful clip of a female soccer reporter who puts Ines Sainz’ attention-starved antics to shame. We don’t know when it’s from, but we also sure as heck don’t care.

Costan Rican model and alleged reporter Viviana Sánchez was conducting a postgame interview with (former) CD Saprissa player Wilson Munoz, when she violated Rule Numero Uno in sports journalism – she asked for his autograph. However, rules be damned, because she shocked Munoz – nay, the world! – when she dropped her pants and asked for his Juan Hancock on her toosh.

As you’ll see in the clip below, even the most confidant man can be stopped dead in his tracks by an ass as sweet as una cebolla.

(Via Joe.)

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