A Seismologist Has Blown The Lid Off Scientific Inaccuracies In ‘San Andreas’

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It turns out, the movie about a pro wrestler fighting earthquakes is FULL OF LIES!

star wars: the force awakens

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Reveals Andy Serkis’ Character Name (And Spandex Onesie)

By | 30 Comments

Today we learn the name of the animal/alien/mythical creature Andy Serkis will be playing in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Frotcast 251: We Talk ‘San Andreas,’ Kaseem Bentley Roasts The Frotcast

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One of the Bay Area's "top five comedians to watch" Kaseem Bentley joins the Frotcast to talk San Andreas, the Black Panthers, Alexandra Daddario's boobs, and God.


TLC Still Hasn’t Canceled ’19 Kids And Counting’

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Though they've pulled it from the schedule, TLC hasn't canceled the Duggars and may keep the show going.


Consider Jason Segel As David Foster Wallace In ‘The End Of The Tour’ Trailer

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David Foster Wallace drives around in a Volvo in "Catnip For Aspiring Intellectuals."


Turns Out Johnny Depp Could Go To Prison For Taking His Dogs To Australia

By | 23 Comments

The actor could face up to 10 years in prison for not declaring Boo and Pistol with Australian customs.


This Pixar-Animated Deleted Sequence From ‘Tomorrowland’ Explains ‘Plus Ultra’

By | 18 Comments

Does this deleted sequence from 'Tomorrowland' make the movie any better?


A Competing Kurt Cobain Documentary, ‘Soaked In Bleach,’ Reignites The Old Did Courtney Do It Debate

By | 31 Comments

Remember the Kurt Cobain was murdered conspiracy? It's still around, and there's even a documentary.


Trying To Talk To Jeremy Piven Sounds Hard

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Drew Magary can't stop offending Jeremy Piven with his total ignorance of commedia dell'arte.

Ernest the Worrell'd Tour

Ernest, The Worrell’d Tour Part 2: ‘Ernest Goes To Camp’

By | 35 Comments

We review every Ernest Movie. Ernest Goes To Camp is an unfunny, mildly racist mess.


Johnny Depp Returns To Intimidate Children And Murder Folks In The Second Trailer For ‘Black Mass’

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The second trailer for 'Black Mass' has arrived, featuring more creepy ginger Johnny Depp murder and mayhem.

mad max: fury road

Patton Oswalt Is The War Pups’ Warm-Up Comic In This ‘Deleted Scene’ From ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

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The War Pups didn't just bring along a flame-spewing guitarist, they also had a warm up comic.


A Brief, Chiseled Breakdown Of The Newest Ab-tastic Poster For ‘Magic Mike XXL’

By | 23 Comments

Channing Tatum and Co. are here to make men everywhere feel inadequate in this new poster for 'Magic Mike XXL.'


Ernest, The Worrell’d Tour Part 1: The First Ernest Movie Is Actually A Dark, Kitsch Gem

By | 13 Comments

We review every (all nine) Ernest movies, starting with Dr. Otto And the Riddle of The Gloom Beam, available for free on YouTube.


Reese Witherspoon Is Set To Star In Disney’s Live-Action Tinkerbell Movie, ‘Tink’

By | 25 Comments

To go with 'Hook,' 'The Lost Boys,' 'Pan,' and 'Finding Neverland,' Disney is now making 'Tink.'


2014’s Rightful Best Actor Jake Gyllenhaal And ‘Nightcrawler’ Are Coming Soon To Netflix

By | 17 Comments

Among the new movies coming to Netflix in June is 'Nightcrawler,' featuring 2015's rightful best actor, Jake Gyllenhaal.

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