Another Victim Of Teenage Mark Wahlberg Has Come Forward, And Thinks He Shouldn’t Be Pardoned

By | 39 Comments

Another one of Mark Wahlberg's victims has come forward and is much less zen about the whole thing.


The Writer Of ‘Peaky Blinders’ Is Taking On The ‘World War Z’ Sequel With Promises Of A Clean Slate

By | 17 Comments

Steven Knight is writing the sequel to 'World War Z' and has promised the new story will start with a clean slate.

david lynch

These Videos Prove That David Lynch Is The Most Peculiar Man In Hollywood

By | 7 Comments

Celebrate David Lynch's birthday with these videos that prove he may be the most eclectic man in cinema.


‘Selma’ Couldn’t Use MLK’s Real Speech Because Other Studios Own The Rights, But Here It Is

By | 20 Comments

'Selma' had to paraphrase MLK's speeches because Warner Bros, Dreamworks, and Steven Spielberg had licensed the rights.


The Plot Of ‘The Wedding Ringer’ Recreated With Reviews

By | 52 Comments

Josh Gad gets a blowjob from a dog, Cloris Leachman gets set on fire.

american sniper

Gray Areas Be Damned: People Either Really Love Or Really Hate ‘American Sniper’

By | 63 Comments

A vicious debate is happening over 'American Sniper,' why is this happening?

#Weekend Box Office

Weekend Box Office: ‘American Sniper’ Is A Full-Fledged Phenomenon

By | 89 Comments

'American Sniper' has succeeded beyond anyone's wildest expectations.


Review: ‘Blackhat’ AKA ‘Thordfish’ is January’s First Great Airplane movie

By | 54 Comments

Chris Hemsworth plays a beefy hacker in January's best airplane movie, Thordfish.


Someone Finally Made An All-Female Porn Parody For ‘Archer’

By | 36 Comments

The fine people at Wood Rocket have made an all-female parody of everyone's favorite animated spy series, 'Archer.'

Get Hard

Will Ferrell Applies To Join The Crenshaw Kings In The New Trailer For ‘Get Hard’

By | 36 Comments

Kevin Hart is preparing Will Ferrell for hard time by getting him into the toughest street gang in the new trailer for 'Get Hard.'


Frotcast 235: ‘Blackhat’ AKA ‘Thordfish,’ Plus, Matt Lieb Gets A Haircut

By | 18 Comments

Is Matt Lieb secretly Fun guitarist Jack Antonoff? You be the judge.


Wait, Jim Halpert Is Going To Play A Navy SEAL In Michael Bay’s Benghazi Movie?

By | 56 Comments

In casting news that sounds almost like a Mad Lib, John Krasinski is set to play a Navy SEAL in Michael Bay's Benghazi movie.


Handicapping This Year’s Oscar Race Based On’s ‘How To Win An Academy Award’

By | 40 Comments

"The Oscar goes to a film that involves someone in some sort of prison, seeking and achieving some sort of freedom."

2015 oscars

The 2015 Oscar Nominations Included A Shoutout To ‘Dick Poop’

By | 8 Comments

Here's the exact moment the Academy president accidentally called someone "Dick Poop" on live television.

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