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Watch The Trailer For Seth Rogen And Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Jew-On-Christmas Comedy, ‘The Night Before’

By | 23 Comments

"50/50" co-stars Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are back together for "The Night Before."

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The World’s First Vaginal Beauty Contest Yields Fresh Data On Vulva Preference

By | 46 Comments

A vaginal beauty contest sponsored by a blowjob machine has given us some "scientific" data.


Is Hugh Jackman Crowdsourcing The Plot For His Last Wolverine Film?

By | 21 Comments

It's more likely a fun interact-with-the-fans gimmick on Jackman's part, but I can't help being a little worried.


All The Stuff Coming To Netflix In August Including ‘Narcos’ And ‘The Hurt Locker’

By | 19 Comments

Here's what's coming to Netflix in August including the new original series 'Narcos.'


All The Post-Credits Scenes Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ranked

By | 18 Comments

There have been so many Marvel end-credits scenes, but only one was the BEST EVER!


Here’s All The Stuff Disappearing From Netflix In August

By | 18 Comments

Say goodbye to these titles leaving Netflix this August.

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Porn Stars Name The Most Bangable Republican Presidential Candidate

By | 39 Comments

Just like in the regular polls, a shocking number of them said Donald Trump. A shocking, disgusting number.

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Food Network Star Power Rankings, Week 8: License To Shill

By | 24 Comments

Could the contestants describe their personal brand without being distracted by Giada's boobs? Find out, in this week's power ranking.

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Weekend Box Office: ‘Pixels’ Is Too Lazy To Take Down ‘Ant-Man’

By | 52 Comments

Audiences were almost as lazy getting to the theater as Happy Madison was when they were making Pixels.

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San Francisco Mayor Says His City Deserves An Oscar For Getting Destroyed All The Time

By | 10 Comments

No, seriously. The SF mayor thinks his city should get some recognition for all the time Hollywood has decimated it.

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‘Southpaw’ Is Pure, Processed Cheese, But Oh That Velvety Texture!

By | 98 Comments

Jake Gyllenhaal and Forest Whitaker are a perfect match for this dopey, meathead script.


Frotcast 258: Guest Matt Ufford Talks Adam Sandler, Gawker Drama, And Pistol Drone

By | 15 Comments

Matt Ufford shows up to hear me complain about 'Pixels,' plus we talk Gawker drama and thinkpieces. FROT ON!

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Chloe Moretz Will Join Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, And Zac Efron In The Sequel To ‘Neighbors’

By | 27 Comments

This is the first official comedy role for the star of 'Carrie' and 'Kick-Ass.'

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The Revolution Is On In The First ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2′ Trailer

By | 13 Comments

Katniss is coming for President Snow in "Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2."

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‘Pixels’ Drops Nine Figures On Adam Sandler Barely Caring

By | 177 Comments

Adam Sandler gets $110 million to dick around with his friends in Pixels, one of the most creatively lazy movies ever made.


‘Mississippi Grind’ Trailer: Can Ryan Reynolds Break The Ryan Reynolds Curse?

By | 39 Comments

Can the directors of Half Nelson and Ben Mendelsohn help Ryan Reynolds break the Ryan-Reynolds-always-being-in-sh*tty-movies curse?


‘The Revenant’ May End Up $40 Million Over Budget And Hasn’t Shot Its Ending Yet

By | 78 Comments

Over budget, insane creative demands, and taking a cavalier attitude towards its actors' genitals? I cannot WAIT for 'The Revenant.'

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‘You Try Driving In Platforms': How ‘Clueless’ Created The Style That Made It A Pop Culture Icon

By and | 13 Comments

'Clueless' was almost never made, but what Amy Heckerling and Mona May created with a small budget is a lasting pop culture masterpiece.


James Bond Fights The Shadows Of His Past In The Latest ‘SPECTRE’ Trailer

By | 34 Comments

The new full length trailer for 'SPECTRE,' the 24th film in the James Bond franchise, delivers mystery, intrigue and plenty of action.

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