The Duggar Molestation Case Shocks A Moronic Nation

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Is a Duggar family molestation scandal the least shocking molestation scandal in history?


Reese Witherspoon Is Set To Star In Disney’s Live-Action Tinkerbell Movie, ‘Tink’

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To go with 'Hook,' 'The Lost Boys,' 'Pan,' and 'Finding Neverland,' Disney is now making 'Tink.'


2014’s Rightful Best Actor Jake Gyllenhaal And ‘Nightcrawler’ Are Coming Soon To Netflix

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Among the new movies coming to Netflix in June is 'Nightcrawler,' featuring 2015's rightful best actor, Jake Gyllenhaal.


Gaspar Noe’s ‘Love’ Is Apparently A 3D Porno That Ejaculates At The Viewer

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Gaspar Noe is trying to do Lars Von Trier by filming a 3D porno that ejaculates on the viewer.

Batkid Begins

‘Batkid Begins’ Is The Inspiring Trailer Gotham Deserves And Needs

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Batkid Miles Scott is the star of a documentary about his inspiring story.

#The Rock

The Rock Officiated A Surprise Wedding For His ‘Bestie’ In The Best Prank Ever

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Comedian Nick Mundy didn't know he was walking into his own wedding, or that it was going to be officiated by The Rock. Watch what happens!

#The Rock

Life In Pictures: A Guided Tour Through The Rock’s Getty Image Archive

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Have you ever seen a bad picture of The Rock? We bet you haven't.

mad max: fury road

Frotcast 250: Game Of Thrones, The Mad Max Feminism Debate, And Obnoxious Roommate Ad Update

By | 21 Comments

Comedians with microphones talking movies argue over Mad Max: Fury Road and Game of Thrones.


‘Tomorrowland’ Is A Smarmy, Magical Realist Disaster

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'Tomorrowland' is a film that wants to show you a Coke commercial and then five minutes later ask why you're so cynical.


Sex Tape Star Randy Quaid Has Been Released From Canadian Detention, May Be The US’s Problem Soon

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Randy Quaid was released from a Canadian detention center and may soon be America's problem again.


The ‘Entourage’ Movie Accidentally Hired Real Porn Stars For A Sex Scene

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"I didn't know the actresses in my movie were porn stars" is the oldest excuse in the book.


Looking Back At The Video For Nelson’s ‘Love And Affection’ On The Song’s 25th Anniversary

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Twenty-five years later, Nelson's only No. 1 hit is still one of the greatest pop songs ever recorded, with a music video to match.

Die Hard with a Vengeance

How ‘Die Hard With A Vengeance’ Caused The FBI To Re-Think The Federal Reserve’s Security

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Authorities panicked when they realized the bank heist in Jonathan Hensleigh's script was so realistic, someone could actually pull it off.


Zac Efron Is An EDM DJ In ‘We Are Your Friends,’ AKA ‘Swingers’ For Millennials

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"It's the DJ's job to get them out of their heads and into their bodies," Zac Efron tells us in a serious voice over.


‘Bloodsport’ As A Mentos Commercial Is Weirdly Perfect, And A Terrible Gen X Rabbit Hole

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I tried to do some basic Mentos research for this Mentos/Bloodsport mash-up and fell into a hellish Gen X rabbit hole.


The Art Of Murdering Kevin Bacon: An Oral History Of How ‘Friday The 13th’ Became A Horror Classic

By and | 26 Comments

For its 35th anniversary, Kevin Bacon, Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King, Sean Cunningham and more tell us the story of how 'Friday the 13th' was made.


Watch Original ‘Road Warrior’ Stunt Man Guy Norris Break His Femur In This Incredible Featurette From 1981

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This classic Road Warrior featurette shows that in 1981, piles of cardboard boxes were considered "safety equipment."


Miles Teller Will Play A Boxer In A Martin Scorsese-Produced Biopic

By | 40 Comments

Miles Teller is set to play Vinny Pazienza, a boxer who came back from a broken neck.

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