Weekend Box Office: ‘The Martian’ Scores October’s Second-Biggest Opening Ever

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Michael Fassbender Burned Ashton Kutcher While Discussing Their Competing Steve Jobs Biopics

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James Bond Didn’t Come Here To Die In The Final Trailer For ‘SPECTRE’

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Frotcast 266: Matt Damon And Stay-In-The-Closet Gate, Tech Speak, And ‘Everest’

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Fantastic Fest Continues With ‘Klown Forever’ And Vintage Trash

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Vin Diesel Hints That He Might Want To Direct ‘Furious 8’ Himself

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Daniel Craig Isn’t Done As James Bond After ‘SPECTRE’

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Emily Blunt Nixed A Nude Scene In ‘Sicario’

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Tyrese Gibson Shows His Support For ‘Selfless Leader’ Vin Diesel As The Search For A ‘Furious 8’ Director Continues

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Drafthouse Is Resurrecting Another Bizarro Cult Curio In ‘Dangerous Men’

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Helen Mirren Is Done With On-Screen Nudity: Her ‘Pleasure Pillows’ Are For Her Husband Only

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Here’s All The Stuff Coming To Netflix In October, Including ‘Beasts Of No Nation,’ ‘The Flash,’ And ‘Arrow’

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