02.18.08 10 years ago 39 Comments

Good news, NASCAR fans.  Are you tired of women in the infield who get drunk and eagerly show their breasts, but won't consent to a quiet romantic moment at the track?  Meet Me at the Races, the "first singles website devoted to motor sports lovers," has launched to unite those race fans wandering the grandstand with full hearts and empty 22 oz Bud Lights.

Singles who thrill to the sounds of big engines and the sight of racing cars can log on to, the first dating website dedicated to racing and romance – just in time for the February start of the NASCAR racing season.

Racing enthusiasts who want to meet like-minded singles may be surprised to learn that throughout the nation, on weekend days and nights, stadiums are packed with eligible fans – many of them single – cheering on their favorite auto racing heroes.

Whoa, now just stop right there.  Are you telling me that the scores of goateed drunks in sleeveless shirts stumbling around at auto races are SINGLE?  Ladies, calm down!  Form a line.  There's plenty to go 'round.


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