08.03.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

No Brett Favre, no Michael Vick, and for now, we need no rival UFL to lean on for any sort of football news. All 32 NFL teams opened training camp this weekend, meaning that the notebooks of sportswriters everywhere will be filled with less speculative drivel and more injury reports, crybaby wideout tears, and coaching angst. It’s enough to make anyone forget about the end of summer, but unless you’re in college, summer kinda blows anyway.

The Bengals and their fans enjoyed taunts from the crew at Who Dey Revolution, who flew a banner over the team’s camp facility denouncing the team’s inadequate staffing in the front office. The Patriots added themselves to the list of teams witholding interest in Michael Vick. Matt Leinart’s job of holding the clipboard might be in jeopardy! Tarvaris is already hurt. And Derrick Mason came back!

Oh, man. It’s football season. Sort of. Almost. Hey, at least it isn’t baseball.

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