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A teacher in Florida claims she has been let go because of her side job as a "bikini girl" on fishing cruises.  Tiffany Shepherd, a 30-year-old high school biology teacher, says that her work with Smokin Em Charters has cost her her job.  From the Daily Mail:

The 30-year-old blonde… performs the usual duties of a ship's mate, but wears a bikini and fetches drinks and sandwiches for the men on board. She took the job three weeks ago to help support her three young sons following a divorce. "I can make $600 in two days' fishing," she said. "That's a week's pay for me."

Smokin' Em Charters,… has pictures of some of the bikini mates on its website – many of them partially nude – and says the only job requirement is to look "hot in a bikini" […]

[School officials] insist Ms Shepherd's boat job is nothing to do with their decision to let her go – and that she has missed more than 30 days of school this year. "She just doesn't come to work," said Susan Ranew, assistant human resources chief for the district. "We did not know about her second job until after she received her notice of non-renewal."

Just one more case in the long history of injustices against good-looking people.  Is it our fault that the demand is so high for good-looking people in jobs where the job is to be good-looking? Shouldn't making the world less ugly give a teacher the right to miss every sixth day of teaching Florida schoolchildren?  I mean, c'mon: it's Florida.  It's not like those kids are gonna be rocket scientists or the president.  Which is good, because this country will always need grave-diggers and strippers.  Not that those two jobs are necessarily related, heh heh.

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