07.22.08 9 years ago 13 Comments

About 500 women were in attendance this past Saturday to catch an eyeful of Virginia Tech football players as they stripped down to their skivvies to show off the news unis at the Frank Beamer Ladies Clinic. 

Of course, that was only a small part of the event, which allowed women to familiarize themselves with the staff (huh huh) and learn about the some of the plays the team runs. But you know women, always after the beefcake.

"We try to get these ladies so they can talk a little football, get up in the stands and say some things that would impress the men," said head coach Frank Beamer.

And nothing impresses a football player more than a woman who can identify an I-formation. Possibly for the exception of one who says she's down for a zone blitz on her crotchular regions. Strong side pursuit, preferably. But against a max protect formation, of course. See, that's how you have to talk dirty to a football player ladies. They only understand game metaphors and Halo. And incorporating Halo into your sex talk only leads to tears and scary cosplay.     

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