07.07.07 10 years ago 2 Comments

I'll be honest with you, 'shuttlecock' is one of my favorite words.  It adheres the Krusty the Clown principle that words which sound dirty (like mukluk) are funnier than  actual dirty words.  Plus, 'shuttlecock' sounds like a much sexier version of the shuttle run.  If only I could have bested the other lads in the shuttlecock while competing in the President's Physical Fitness test.  Then my lovely gym teacher, Sister Dominique, would have taken notice of me.  Or joined me in the shuttlecock.  

I think this video proves what George Carlin said about tennis and other racket sports: that they are trendy, fruity sports that are played by trendy fruits.  And they are funny.  Anyway, does anyone remember the joke about the sexy French maid who left the tasteless mint on the well-endowed male guest's pillow?  I know the punchline is "you don't use a pillow with bad mint on – you need a shuttlecock!", but I think I told it wrong because my date threw a drink in my face. -KD

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