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Florida safety Jamar Hornsby turned himself in for credit card theft and credit card fraud after police learned he was using the credit card of a deceased Florida student for the last six months.  Hey, how is it theft is she was already dead? 

Hornsby, 21, was allegedly using a credit card issued to Ashley Slonina, a University of Florida student who died in an October 2007 motorcycle accident in which walk-on UF football player, Michael Guilford, also died. The card abuse started Oct. 13, 2007, the day after the girl's death, according to court records and involved a BP gas card…

Addressing the judge, Detective Sandra Myers said this was a very emotional situation for the Slonina family because it was not a couple of incidences of charges to their daughter's credit card, but an ongoing occurrence. Myers said the bills had been going to the deceased girl's family for six months.

So how, exactly, did Hornsby get Slonina's credit card?  According to the update at EDSBS, he assisted with cleaning out the dead girl's apartment the day after she died.  Man this is classy.  Reminds me of my college days, except I was a little better at avoiding police.  Like that one time I had to stay up all night to write a final paper, but then people were watching Dances with Wolves in the next room, so I ended up wasting three and a half hours doing that instead.  Phew!  Another night without getting arrested.

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