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When a bar patron is attacked with a meat cleaver, it might be time to address the level of violence in those locales. The liquor licensees of Melbourne, Australia, to their credit, have done so, but the fruits of their lout-corralling labor (labour, if you will) seem a bit farfetched. From Melbourne’s Herald-Sun:

After an extensive forum between Melbourne City Council and about 100 venue owners, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said nightclubs and pubs would trial new initiatives to reduce violence on our streets.

Mr Doyle said anyone showing signs of trouble inside a venue would be shown a yellow card, warning them that if they didn’t settle down they would be removed from the building.

Mr Doyle said the trial of yellow cards would provide clear warnings to trouble-makers.

I’ve never seen anyone take a dive in a bar fight; I’d imagine we’re overdue for that. The tradeoff, however, is that while you’ve created a clear signal for inappropriate behaviour (it’s Australia, after all), you’ve also created an incentive. Troublemakers looking for validation will now have a clear target for their outlandishness. Plus, cards are dumb. But then, so are Australians. Not as dumb as the Vietnamese, but they’re in the neighborhood.

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