Getting Recognized: The Best Way To Avoid Being Murdered On Christmas

Pro Wrestling Editor
12.27.11 3 Comments

I’m not sure I could recognize Philadelphia 76ers guard Lou Williams if he passed me on the street, so it’s good news that I wasn’t the guy who tried to rob him on Christmas Eve. For both of us, I guess.

Maybe the guy recognized him from his weird shirtless, pensive-stare-at-probably-porn background on Twitter. Regardless, Williams seems like a cool guy and I wouldn’t wish Holiday Murder on even my least favorite sports celebrities (even the Kardashians get a “kill them on a less wistful day” nod). It also allows me to use my two best armed robbery pop culture references, the episode of Fresh Prince where Will gets shot so Carlton flips out and buys a gun for revenge and the episode of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ where Joey gets held up but the robber gets hit by a car so she takes him to a hospital and gives him all her money there, but I’m not going to make them.

Maybe Lou didn’t get robbed at all, and this is just a worked cautionary tale to get players to bail out their hoods, like ‘Christmas Shoes’ for basketball players. Who knows?

[by way of Larry Brown Sports]

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