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If Grand Theft Auto and Tiger Woods ever spawned their own game, it would be damn close to Ghetto Golf, a video game looking to turn the corner in development and find a publisher. From MTV’s Multiplayer:

“Ghetto Golf” has its roots in Oakland California where Raphael Saadiq, former star of 1990s R&B group Tony! Toni! Tone! used to play golf on the streets, improvising golf holes with whatever he could find.

Decades later, Saadiq has his own Denver-based video game company, Illfonic, co-founded by his studio engineer, Brungardt. Their first project is “Ghetto Golf,” a planned downloadable game featuring a scrappy young guy named Vonte in the Bay Area who has to find and complete tricky holes of golf that are set in the wilds of the city — and in the line of fire of gangsters, cops and enemy golfers.

Sold. There are few things that bring me joy like stealing a police car in GTA: San Andreas, with the possible exception of watching a child cry. Of course, I’ll probably play the game every day for three months, and then Christmas Ape will come over and crush me in that game without ever having played it. He’s cagey like that.

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