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Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas is scheduled to miss the next three months after surgery to repair a torn meniscus and microfracture in his knee.  But even though he's going to be on the sidelines for the foreseeable future, Agent Zero's still making a splash with his most recent blog entry.  He shares his frustration about the injury, his excitement about the four short films he made for his new shoes, and — most candidly — his mixed emotions about the breakup with his girlfriend:

You know what? When stuff goes bad it goes bad. I just broke up with my girlfriend and I don’t get to see my kids for a while because of the breakup…

Now she’s back in California. You ask for space, you know, because everything feels closed in … the house is dirty, the kids are drawing on the walls and on the couches and you’re thinking, “Oh man, I can’t do this. I’m not playing well and I’m coming home to all this.”

So you ask for space and now you got clean walls, clean furniture and you’re lonely. And now you got to sit out three months. Oh man. I guess it has to get bad so it can get good.

That whole passage is just kinda mind-boggling to me.  I blog for a living, and I make up stories about hookers and strippers (yes… "make up") to avoid sharing details of my real life, because people on the Internet can be terrifying creeps.  Myself included.  And I'm not even a celebrity outside of the snuff film industry.  Gilbert Arenas is an All-Star, and he's delivering all these emo goods on his blog.  I just can't imagine someone like Kobe Bryant doing that.  You win a bunch of championships, and hardly anyone calls you a champion.  But rape one girl, and you're a rapist for life…

(Image courtesy this amazing Photoshop essay from Wizznutzz)

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