Gina Carano Is In For A Big 2011

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02.15.11 4 Comments

After losing her Strikeforce title fight against Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos via first round TKO in August 2009, heavenly asskicker Gina Carano decided that she would take some time off and perhaps pursue other career ambitions. And while I spent most of 2010 staring out a window, drinking scotch and wondering when Gina would return, she has answered our prayers and is currently training for her next Strikeforce match.

So what was Gina up to for the past year that could have made her consider leaving a life of having her perfect angelic face damaged? She was acting with Channing Tatum, Antonio Banderas and Ewan McGregor in the new Steven Soderbergh film Haywire, due out later this year. Gina plays Mallory Kane, a black ops super soldier who is “betrayed and set up during a mission.” Haha, women be spyin’.

After the jump, check out a couple Haywire videos with Soderbergh and Carano, as well as exclusive insight on working with Gina from my good friend C-Tates

(Banner image minus Sad Boxing Pooch via The Cage Doctors)

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Behind The Scenes On Haywire

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Steven Soderbergh Talks About Haywire

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C-Tates and Gina Carano via

C-Tates on working with Gina Carano:

HAHA YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH, IT’S YA BOI, C-TATES! Yo girl, check it, like Gina C-Note’s all like, Yo boo I’mma spy and sh*t, right? But like, oh snap, I been set up, for real. So we all like, Yo girl, we gonna shoot you and yo fine titties, proper. And she’s all like, OH HELL TO DA NAW, PLAYBOY! Check it, homegirl’s bangin’ like, boom pow, ass make you scream ow, but now she has a gat and sh*t, women’s lib like a mutha f*cka. Yo girl, I’m hella married and sh*t to my boo squeeze Jenna-D, right? But Gina C-Note was all like, Yo C-Tates how a fine chicken like me get you all up in my lady parts? Spoiler alert: Mad butt sex, son.

(Image via Combat Lifestyle.)

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And no Gina Carano post is complete without the most necessary GIF of all-time:

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