Go Behind The Scenes Of Alex Morgan’s Swimsuit Issue Shoot If Your Heart Can Stand It

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06.06.14 19 Comments
Alex Morgan swimsuit issue shoot video

Via YouTube

All right, if you insist.

If you aren’t familiar with Alex Morgan, here’s what you need to know: she’s an extremely attractive soccer star who is great at a variety of things, including golf, dancing and Halloween. She’s also a member of the McDonald’s Secret Society alongside Johnny Football and LeBron James in case “access to exclusive cheeseburgers” is on your Perfect Woman checklist.

If you are familiar with Alex, I do not need to write this paragraph: Alex Morgan is in the 50th anniversary edition of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and SI has uploaded footage of her shoot from Guana Island. It features a lot of things I probably should’ve screencapped to get your click, including Alex giving herself a wedgie, a wardrobe malfunction and twerking. SHE’S TWERKIN MAGGLE SHE’S TWERKIN.

If you are familiar with Alex Morgan, watch this video. If you aren’t, watch this video.

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