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As a blogger, one of my chief duties is to take relatively harmless quotes, twist them around, and blow them completely out of proportion to make someone look like an asshole.  And today that asshole is Pats cornerback Ellis Hobbs.  From Yahoo's Michael Silver:

[A reporter] asked Hobbs, in reference to Anthony Smith's long day after his ill-advised guarantee, if "God has a sense of humor when things come around on people for something they say." And, even more ridiculously, here's how Hobbs replied: "My God does, me being a Christian believer and everything. 'Lower yourself so that he may be exalted.' There's nothing wrong with confidence, don't get me wrong. You have to have a swagger out on the field. But there's a fine line and he definitely crossed it. He was definitely knocked down when he crossed it today."

Oh snap!  Don't bring that shit into God's house!  Don't cross God's fine line as defined by Ellis Hobbs, you fucking sinners!

Sigh… You know, for a Guy who bailed out the Jews and David on different occasions, I really didn't think God would be a bandwagon Fan.                       [FanHaus

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