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Pope Dog The First finds this lustful solicitation most troubling. But he still wants to peek.

Meet “Beautiful Sexy Golfer Maria Verchenova” (no really, that’s the title of her website, which I’d advise you not click because of all the annoying ads on it). The first Russian pro on the Ladies’ European Tour overcame a lot of obstacles to be a full-time pro, which is refreshing, because some of these broads just fling their hair around and have stuff handed to them. From Devil Ball Golf:

[T]he interesting element is how Russia apparently has little, if any, support for women’s golf at the younger levels. So players must expend their own funds rather than relying on the state to support them.

Verchenova is from Moscow and she’s 23. Golf 365 says that her favorite TV show is Ellen and her favorite food is sushi. Sounds like she’ll fit right in with the LPGA crowd. Thanks to Morgan for the heads-up.

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