04.13.07 10 years ago 20 Comments

Just like the Bible always predicted, the final battle between Good and Evil will be played on the foosball table.  Sadly, only twenty of these were made, and even if you could get your hands on one it would cost you £14,500, which I think is something like five million dollars.

You can click the thumbnail below for the teams' lineups.  I have to admit: it doesn't look good for Good.  The offense is a shambles: God can start things pretty nicely, but his finishing skills have diminished over the last 2000 years, and I don't see Mary Poppins and Gandhi stepping up to score goals in his place.  Meanwhile, Evil's midfield is responsible for some 13 million deaths and unspeakable brutality, and though I like Flash Gordon's speed on the other side, Christopher Robin and Mother Teresa are obvious weak links against such tyranny.

Anyway, if you want to bet on Evil, I guess With Leather is the place to do it. (UPDATE: Thanks goes to The Basketball Jones for this)

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