Anyone Else Forget About Dark-Haired Roger Sterling Starring In A 1980s Sports Illustrated Commercial?

11.27.13 3 years ago • 15 Comments

You’re going to find this hard to believe, but John Slattery (aka real life Roger Sterling) did some acting prior to taking on the role of everyone’s favorite wise-cracking silver fox in an AMC period drama.

One instance in particular involved this holiday Sports Illustrated mini-infomercial that I had totally forgotten I’d seen like a hundred times in between NFL games as a kid. Not to give too much away but Slattery has dark hair and really can’t believe ALL THE FREE STUFF that SI wants to give him. It’s a pretty surreal/nostalgic/pop culture-y thing to watch in 2013, and feels like just the way to send you guys off for a holiday — Roger Sterling acid trip style.

And since you’re probably wondering, the math (just barely) works for me to float a grown up Kevin Holloway theory.

Via r/MadMen

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