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A few in-house links, to start

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Now, on to Taylor Swift looking surprised when she isn’t even surprised.


Arrested Development Cast Reuniting for 10 More Shows & A Movie (No, Seriously This Time) – Six seasons and a movie! [Film Drunk]

Arrested Development Returns And The Internet Rejoices – If your friend says meh and thinks this won’t “live up” to the original series, tell him to appreciate it when he gets wonderful magical presents from God. I don’t care if this is just deleted scenes in a montage, I’m all over it. [UPROXX]

The Best Of #Entertainment 720 – Aw Snapple, are we calling everybody baby, now? [UPROXX]

Taylor Swift Performs With T.I. & Usher In Atlanta – Sorta like when Nelly recorded a song with Tim McGraw, but for teenagers instead of old people. [Smoking Section]

Life After Death: Cassettes Are Making A Indie Comeback – Hopefully cassingles will make a comeback, too, and I can finally unload this Poison “Unskinny Bop” cassingle I’ve been hoarding since like 1989. [Smoking Section]

Kenan Thompson Is Marrying This. – AW HERE IT GO. Ah well, the guy has had a sustainable comedy career for almost two decades, was a Mighty Duck and was in Good Burger. He deserves it. [Warming Glow]

Pie-Humper’s Wife Bought Him A Beej From A Hooker – Best/saddest line: “The most exciting part of the day was Keisha complimenting me on my blowjob skills. I love approval of any kind.” [Film Drunk]

Little Kid’s Reaction To Darth Vader Being Luke’s Father – Now let’s see his reaction to making the car lights come on using only The Force. [Gamma Squad]

5 Most Insane iPhone 5 Rumors – It will do your dishes! It can command your dog from over five miles away! It can sprout legs and attack you on the moon! YOU MUST HAVE IPHONE 5. [Buzzfeed]

High School Football Player Quits Team to Become Cheerleader – Good for him! I quit my high school football team to concentrate on my studies, and because I was terrible at football and shouldn’t have been on the football team. [Brobible]

The 20 Most Successful Christian-Themed Films of All Time – Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland counts, as it contained Christian themes like killing a dragon with a jumping sword slash and dancing so excitedly your head spins around. [Pajiba]

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