Hockey Player Sucks At Baseball

04.28.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

Here’s a screencap of a video featuring Dany Heatley of the San Jose Sharks–and some random girl–throwing out the first pitch at a recent San Francisco Giants game. Lo and behold, it’s Heatley that throws the ball like a girl while the actual girl manages to get it to the plate. Smooth move, Dany.

There’s so many things going on here that my head’s about to explode. First of all, why do they have two people throwing out the first pitch? Wouldn’t that make them the ceremonial first and second pitches? And take note that Heatley is standing in the GD grass and still can’t get it to the plate without a one-hop. Of course, I really need to temper expectations of a guy that killed his best friend in a car crash in 2003. That really wasn’t meant to be funny. Thanks, Doug.

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