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Police predict a massive influx of prostitutes for the Super Bowl, and many of the working girls from out of town will be "circuit girls," high-class hookers who blend in with wealthy clientele.  Kinda like the Cadillac of call girls.  And the Phoenix police aren't just going to sit back and let the girls work.

“It’s a big deal this year,” said Tammy Marie Pagel, a 31-year-old local hooker who was recently jailed in Phoenix but was scheduled to be released the week before the Super Bowl. Pagel said she had a number of high-paying clients waiting… The johns saw her ad on the Craigslist Web site and set up appointments before setting foot in Arizona, Pagel said. Each will pay $500 to $600 for an hour with her — several times what she typically charges.

“We’re going after the prostitutes, the people that pander to prostitutes — the pimps — as well as the johns,” [Sgt. Joel] Trantor said. “We’re going to combat this from every angle.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa… let's leave the johns out of this.  We're just regular guys, minding our business, getting ready to go back to our hotels to masturbate.  And if an attractive woman happens to offer an exchange of tempting services for a fee, how are we supposed to say no to such an offer?  And should we really be held responsible for not having enough money to pay the fee, leading to a hasty burial in the desert? 

If you think about it, what I'm doing is freeing up more policemen to protect us from possible terrorist attacks. I'm always looking for new ways to serve my country that way.

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