02.18.10 8 years ago 31 Comments

Look, I get that a lot of you are pissed about how NBC is choosing to cover the Vancouver Olympics with this jagged, misinforming one-size-fits-all coverage that’s designed to appeal to everyone except the people that actually want to watch the Games. But how valuable is it to you for me to just rail endlessly on a network that nobody likes anyway? Very little. But when speed skater Sven Kramer of the Nederlands does it, it’s awesome, as evidenced when he was asked for his name and nationality right after he won a fugging gold medal.

“Are you stupid?! Hell no, I’m not gonna do that.”

The video after the jump shows Sven recounting the event with a Dutch journalist. Mmmm, Dutch. Not only are they pretty and unable to speak English, but they also pay their own way. Oh, they do speak English. Eh, two out of three works.

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