Idea For Commercial: Anderson Silva Wants To Have Sex With Something

11.15.11 6 years ago

Remember back in August when Anderson Silva appeared in a Burger King commercial, lauding the simplicity of having his dick in a cheeseburger? Apparently “Anderson Silva is weird about sex” is his best idea for a commercial, because Ford Brazil has given us that clip’s spiritual successor — hopefully only part two in a trilogy of increasingly-confusing sexual assaults.

Anyway, the plot (copied and pasted from the IMDB entry): A car-shopping man can’t remember enough information about the cars he’s buying and must pretend he’s under pressure to do so. At first he imagines he’s going to get beaten up by Silva unless he explains the Ford’s options (two year warranty, portable DVD, gas pass) and it works, but he gets trapped in the fantasy, and when he puts the moves on his girlfriend we jump back into dude’s head and see The Spider putting the moves on him, trying to force him into a threeway with the BK Stacker. Maybe he misinterpreted the term “gas pass”.

And you know, I think I’d honestly rather see him Dodge Ramming this guy than watch him do another Bieber-side Shuffle.

[h/t Cage Potato]

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