IK Enemkpali Also Once Punched A Man For Catfishing Him In 2011

08.27.15 2 years ago
ik enemkpali

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Bet you didn’t think that the Geno Smith situation is only the second-weirdest reason IK Enemkpali ever had for punching a person. ESPN’s Outside the Lines is reporting that, back in 2011, Enemkpali was involved in a bizarre catfishing incident that also saw him cold cock a person.

In September of 2011, Enemkpali started corresponding on Facebook with someone referring to herself as “Missy Lee.” Eventually, Enemkpali was invited to her house for some oral sex, but when he got there, she wouldn’t reveal herself to him. IK did the sensible thing and left, only to be convinced over the phone by “Missy” to return. After he did, Enemkpali told police (when he filed a report three days later) that “Missy” once again did not reveal herself, but a text alert lit up the figure under the blanket, and the beard he wore. (Follow all that? It’s confusing, we know.)

Enemkpali then punched that figure through the blankets, heard the voice under the blankets change to a male voice, and “left through the window.” He claimed that he felt like he was being set up for a robbery. Read through OTL‘s report for details about Ketryn Anderson, the perpetrator of the catfishing. Here are a few bullet points about him and his side of the story, though:

  • He admitted to being involved, but differed on the details of the story (obviously).
  • He lost his two front teeth, but didn’t go to the police, and told his wife he was in a car accident.
  • He is a senior pastor (!) in Shreveport, La.
  • He refused to speak to OTL about the story without being paid, which looks really great when you’re accused of extorting a person.

In the April before this incident, Enemkpali also punched an off-duty cop. As weird as this situation was, and even if Enemkpali reacted reasonably to it, he’s probably punched too many people.

(Via Outside the Lines)

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