02.19.10 8 years ago

The Morning Meat is a bag of news, scores and links designed to make those around you look stupid whenever they try to talk about sports. Serves ‘em right, actually. Img.

Sizzling headlines straight from the griddle

Tiger’s Press Conference is Today. Tiger is finally speaking up regarding Whoregate, coinciding with the Accenture Tournament kickoff.  Players are mad about the timing, and the media are mad about being stifled.

The NBA Trade A-Z. The NBA trade deadline hit yesterday, and a lot went down.  Antawn Jamison went to Cleveland, and Stoudemire stayed put in Phoenix, contrary to speculation.  Tim Duncan is the player who’s been around the longest and has never been traded.

Canada Wins in Spectacular Fashion. Canada beat the Swiss last night in an overtime shootout, 3-2.  Canada will face USA on Sunday in their fight to “Own the Podium”.

Scores Over Easy? We’ve Got Upsets!

Upsets are determined using the opening line on each game.

NBA Nuggets 118, Cavaliers 116

Celtics 87, Lakers 86

NCAABK Syracuse 75, Georgetown 71

Vanderbilt 82, Mississippi 78

Pittsburgh 58, Marquette 51

Gonzaga 66, Loyola Marymount 74

No breakfast is complete without some links!

  • The Insider got inside Gary Coleman’s head and started prodding him about smacking his wife around.  Guess what happens next.  Warming Glow.
  • Gorden Gekko is back in a new international trailer for Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. Film Drunk.
  • Watch this guy pull of a quintuple barrel roll IN A HELICOPTER. Gamma Squad.
  • Eddie Griffin offers advice to Tiger, basically: F off and watch me play golf.  Inside TV.
  • Yes!  Wu-Massacre abum (Meth, Ghostface & Raekwon) is on its way and the cover art got a comic twist.  Comics Alliance.
  • Why isn’t Carrot Top on a list of Hollywood’s Most Evil Actors?  Inside Movies.
  • A cool gallery of old pictures placed in front of their current location to “complete” a picture.  Unreality.
  • Name the championship coaches.  Sporcle.

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