09.22.09 8 years ago 3 Comments

It’s hard to believe that Colts tight end Dallas Clark only catches 5 or 6 balls a game, because every reception he makes seems to be some backbreaking third down conversion to sustain a critical drive in a big game. But Clark mixed it up last night, catching a pass on the first play from scrimmage and taking it 80 yards to the house en route to a 27-23 win.

“Give credit to our defense,” Clark said. “They were out there for probably 100 plays, and for that last drive I know they were tired. For them to come up with those plays and keep them from scoring was just tremendous effort.” via.

Indeed, Miami enjoyed three times to Indy’s time of possession, so it looked like a foregone conclusion that Miami would reach the end zone when they had the ball and 3:13 remaining, but no. Clark finished the game with seven catches with 183 yards and a touchdown. And then he probably went out and bench-pressed a cement truck while getting blown by a parade of gorgeous Latina women. You know, because that’s just how he rolls.

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